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Mini Brochures

Mini Brochures

Massive marketing impact at low prices

A Mini Brochure is the size of a business card (88mm x 55mm) and printed on 200gsm triple coated paper. They work in any industry, packing a lot of information into a neatly folded small pocket size. Prices start from as little as 21 pence a copy.

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For your customers it makes an easy reference to your business but is more informative than a standard business card, this provides them with a complete portfolio of your company details allowing them to see your price lists, products and valuable marketing material.

Unlike similar styles of brochures, the Mini Brochure produces a small portable brochure that expands to almost the size of a half sheet of notebook paper. With 10 pages of full colour display, it makes a big impact on your clients and not your finances.

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Qty 10 pages 88mm x 55mm

What our Clients SayTestimonials

"The printing arrived this morning – absolutely superb job. I'm most grateful to you for dealing with this so quickly." Basil Preuveneers, Notary Public LL.B, B.A.

"Great service and you guys really came through when we had an emergency job that needed printing." Shelley Twose

"Prices as good as, occasionally better, than local rival, turnaround times excellent and better than a client has a right to expect (talking as designer rather than end client!)" Peter Moore

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