Our concern for the environment is not a recent innovation.  Our waste has only ever been handled by licensed waste control companies who recycle waste paper, ink tins and coatings.

The ink we use is vegetable based. The printing plates we use are chemical free and use no water. The toilet paper we use is recycled! Like we love our clients we love our planet.

These steps add to the environmental certifications we have already achieved which are:


We also have ISO9001 (QUALITY CONTROL) and ISO18001 (HEALTH AND SAFETY).



What our Clients SayTestimonials

"The printing arrived this morning – absolutely superb job. I'm most grateful to you for dealing with this so quickly." Basil Preuveneers, Notary Public LL.B, B.A.

"Great service and you guys really came through when we had an emergency job that needed printing." Shelley Twose

"Prices as good as, occasionally better, than local rival, turnaround times excellent and better than a client has a right to expect (talking as designer rather than end client!)" Peter Moore

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